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thalia_luke's Journal

Fate Fell Short This Time
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We are the LJ home of the thalia_luke shippers from the series of Percy Jackson and the Olympians.
So what is Thalia_Luke anyway?
Thuke is the couple name for Thalia Grace and Luke Castellan, two central characters in the Percy Jackson & The Olympians book series.
What proof is there for it in canon?
Pre-series, they were together for a year on the run from monsters independently and an additional year with a daughter of Athena, Annabeth. Whether it was romantic is unclear. Thalia sacrificed herself on Half-Blood Hill after the monsters chasing her (she was a daughter of Zeus and a forbidden child) nearly overwhelmed the group. She was turned into a tree by her godly father. Luke lived, only to extract revenge on the gods for Thalia's death and resurrect her through an elaborate scheme involving the Golden Fleece. Once resurrected, he put Annabeth under the weight of the sky and waited for Thalia to arrive, thinking she would join him. She refused to do so, but hesitated for a long moment. She beat him to the edge of the cliff and was horrified that she'd kicked him off. Then, she joined Artemis' Hunters- the ultimate, eternal recovery group for heartbroken girls. Two years later, Luke pulled an Anakin (i.e. saved the world by killing himself at the last second) and Thalia was crying at his funeral, as well as glad he might try for reincarnation. Luke and Thalia were the first people to give a crud about the other- they were raised by really bad parents- and they were separated by time. All their ability to love was latched onto each other.
Why do you guys ship it?
Because we love tragedy and lost opportunities and the idea that it might still happen in the distant future. Also, it works. There is no pairing that works as well as Thalia/Luke. It just... is so perfect and wonderful and right. It makes sense. It's lovely.
Also, it will never have a case of Shipping Bed Death. *mumbles*
And there's just something attractive about the 'should have been.' The idea of working so hard for something and never getting it but valuing the memories anyway is pretty cool.
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